Our History

Southern Manitoba has always been a hotbed for car and truck enthusiasts. From the days of Whip antennas, Cruiser Skirts, Drag Flaps, and Straight Pipes to today’s turbo charged street machines, we have loved our vehicles. This fact, coupled with the demographics of the “baby boomers” moving into their 40’s and 50’s with some disposable income to buy toys, became the cause and reason for the Legends Car Club to come into existence.
In the summer of 1999, five gentlemen decided to sit down in Cliff Dyck’s basement, and discuss the forming of a car club in Altona. These members were Cliff, Murray Wieler, Richard Neufeld, Dave Preteau and Chris Klassen. The meeting went late into the night with one idea coming upon another, and then it was time to go home. A basic concept had been formed and they decided to have another meeting the next week. This meeting included Cliff’s son Kyle, who added a youthful dimension to the group. They formulated a plan.
Posters were printed, networking by word of mouth, and a public meeting was to be held in the Elk’s meeting room in the Pioneer Center in late September. There were 38 people in attendance, and the concept of a bare bones club with the emphasis on activity rather than lengthy meetings was conceived. Surveys were handed out, and an election of officers was held.
Our first President was Eric Bueckert, with Cliff Dyck becoming Vice President, and Richard Neufeld as Secretary Treasurer. Meetings were scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month with a one-hour target to completion. Cliff volunteered the Miller Collegiate Library. Our first bulletin editor was Dave Preteau.
In early 2000, Lyle Dunsmore who also was a member of the Optomist Club, suggested we establish a liaison with that group to co-host the annual “Show in the Park” car and truck show. They had always used this show as a fund raiser during the Sunflower Festival, and had established this event in 1978. The membership was in total agreement, and planning began in earnest for our first show. To make it even more appealing, motorcycle and antique classic snowmobile categories were added. Also, the Club decided that there would be no admission to spectators and no entry fee for the entries. Over the next two years it was decided to host this event on our own as the Optomist Club wound down.
As the weather became milder, it was suggested that we meet informally every Tuesday night at the parking lot in front of the Ice Cream Hut. This proved to be extremely popular both for the general public, as well as members and visitors alike. Over time, there came the evolvement of traveling to other communities every second Tuesday and this also helped our Club grow. No longer were we a local club, we now represented Southern MB with our membership expanding into Winnipeg as well.
Murray Wieler came up with a fund raising idea for Cancer, and the Drive for Cancer run began as an annual event in mid May. Other Club projects like the Ride for Senior Citizens, the Fall Run for the Hills, hosting of the provincial MS run are but a few of the many activities by Club members. The Show in the Park in it’s 25th year attracted 258 entries making it the biggest show ever. In 2003, another major event was the 1st Annual Airport Drag Race, an 1/8th mile format that attracted 40 entries and 1400 spectators. Another first in 2003 was the World of Wheels Car Show in Winnipeg with 5 Club entries winning 10 categories.
Legend’s members participate in many of the car shows in the province, in the U.S., and in Northern Ontario. We have a very high level of quality vehicles, as a number of the group work in this automotive and restoration industry. We usually place well, and have the reputation of being one of the most active clubs in the province. With our membership now at 90, we hope to grow and continue to find ways to enjoy our vehicles with others.
We accept members from anywhere, so why don’t you join us? We’d love to have you!