Fall Drive

October 1

As the plans and details of this Fall run are coming together, here’s what everyone joining in can look forward to.
The day starts off leaving Altona at 9:30 am on Oct 1. The group will head out to Hwy 75 and travel up to St Agathe where we will cross over and follow the river to Winnipeg driving by historical areas like the landing spot of the first Mennonites in Western Canada.
Once we are on the North side of Winnipeg we will continue to follow the East side of the Red along Henderson Hwy up through Lockport and on to Selkirk. Here we will cross the river and follow Hwy 9 travelling towards Winnipeg Beach, passing such famous landmarks as the Petersfield Canada Goose statue along the way. A short stop to view the world famous Winnipeg Beach boardwalk and then we make our way to Gimli for lunch. Alysia’s will be open by then in their new location so that might be a good place for lunch, or Seagull’s with the view of the lake from the dining room.
Time for refueling in Gimli will be accounted for if needed. On the return trip the group will drive by landmarks such as Lower Fort Garry, the Locks at Lockport and the re-entry point of the Winnipeg floodway. A quick stop at Skinner’s for those needing a foot long hotdog, licorice milkshake or just to look at the sports memorabilia lining the walls.
As we continue to follow the River Road we’ll come across several historical landmarks such as Captain Kennedy’s residence, Scott house and St Andrew’s on the Red were we’ll stop to look at the historical grounds.
From here we’ll continue on south and travel back into Winnipeg. Those wanting to cruise down Main Street and through the city along St Mary’s can do so, others can take the perimeter and regroup along Highway 75 or once we’re back in Altona for supper which by rough estimates will have us back by around 5-6pm.

Any questions or other additional suggestions would be greatly welcome.

Howard Sawatzky